Mysterfulgames – Michaels Family – Build 4

Updated: 21 July, 2017
Version: Build 4
Developer: Mysterfulgames
Platform: Windows
Language: English

Size: 599 MB

Changelog Build 4:

– Fixed chuck bug at school, he can be approachable on the next day if Michael didn’t manage to befriend him.
– Chuck will now attempt to blackmail Michael’s sister if he has her nude pics, which could lead to either hscenes with him or with michael.
– Can now see the lacking relations value whenever denied in an event.
– 3 Chores were added ( Clean room, do homework and take shower)
And  3 perks that prevent mom from nagging about doing those things.(WIP)
– Etta Storyline added (wip). (Has HScene)

– 3 Different Sex Scenes

hint: michael can unlock more scenes in one of the HScene if he repeats it a few times…

1 Comment

  1. Battousai006 · July 23, 2017

    Still have the bugs from build 2 fix them….