Logan – The Dark Lord’s Trip – Version 2017-09-05 (Updated)

Updated: 5 September, 2017
Censorship: No
Version: 2017-09-05
Developer / Publisher: Logan
Platform: Windows
Language: English

Size: 442 MB (Windows) 443 MB (Mac)


So this game is heavily inspired by Akabur’s work and is built in RPG Maker (unsure which version).
The game is in very early development (this is first release) and he’s actually got a price point that I could get behind if I like the game enough I just might after settling some stuff. And there is just Rapunzel flashing you cause it’s clearly very early. I kinda think it’s more of a game to watch than anything as this is less than a month old.


– Sex scene with Mavis;
– A few new icons (3);
– New chibies for Lola and Hades during “Farmers hay task”;
– Touching a hip prelude dialogue busts (5);

– Farmers task;
– Function to update old saves;
– “Allowed to have sex” marker is added in Affection Data;
– Sex scene for Mavis;
– Mavis’s “Get sexual with her” option requires at least 2 completed tasks now;
– Touching Mavis’s hip;
– Corrected text from Lyk;
– Saves are now excluded from the build and putted on the website separately;
– Number of prisoners at Bounty Hunter’s HQ will decreease during your progress with Kord’s tasks;

– “You have Lola in the party” tip is now displaying the right image;
– Corrected typos;
– Lola’s heal ability is increeased to make it more effective;
– After choosing Kord’s side, you will fight Roth in his tent, instead of Kord and his men;
– Fixed Personality displays for Lola and Rapunzel;
– If you give porn mag to kids it will be removed from your inventory now;
– “Stairs guard” will not going to approach Kord if you re-enter Bounty Hunter’s HQ after taking Roth’s counter-deal;
– Drain SP damage effect is reduced from 10% to 2.5%.

https://filejoker.net/8vsm608tgkku (Windows)

https://filejoker.net/t4by6836a058 (Mac)