Homie – Family Therapy – Version 0.7 (Updated)

Updated: 25 June, 2017
Version: 0.7
Publisher: homie
Platform: Windows
Language: English

Size: 783 MB

About :

Info: You play as a male character (Alex), who lives with his mother and sister. The game begins with the fact that Alex wasted his summer, so he decides to make the best of the last month he has and in this process he will help all the female characters who you will meet in the game. I don’t want to spoil the story too much, so I will add the information as I develop the game.

Game Mechanics:

I plan to add to the game system of relationships, this means all decisions taken in the course of the game will influence the attitude of the hero. Also the game will have some different endings; a few ways to make money; some mini games… and of course a lot of sex.