Grabiobot – A Very Small Business – Version 0.3.1Fix (Updated)

Updated: 13 November, 2017

Genre: Simulation, 3DCG, Adult Game, Porn, Striptease, Seduction, All Sex
Version: 0.3.1 Fix
Publisher: Kuu
Platform: Windows/Linux
Language: English/German/Spanish

Size: 783 MB


Two new difficulty levels: Easy and Very Easy, both having some limitations regarding sex scenes compared to Normal level.
More interactions with Laura, including a new Talk section with two subsections: Small Talk and Talk About.
Talk About is for topic you discover by talking to her and isn’t available at the beginning.
Small Talk is just chatting to her. It may reveal her dreams, ideas and work-life stories.
Small Talk is the way to learn about her interactions with Joleen.
Small Talk may reveal the topic of Guests Room. You can then discuss about that in Talk About and guests room location will be unlocked.
Guests Room can be improved by: painting the walls, buying carpet, buying furniture.
Small Talk may bring up the topic of Yoga Studio. This will unlock the location and it will become visitable.
Going to yoga studio you briefly interact with the coach.
Laura can now be admired in the Kitchen during both mornings and evenings.
Laura can now be admired in the Living-room, this time for an animated scene.
Bathroom masturbation and risky masturbation, including achievement for risky masturbation. She gets really mad if she catches you. But you get +3 energy from adrenaline rush, if she doesn’t.
Not taking trash out accounts for less relationship points as the relationship gets better.
Daydreaming. Just a sample daydream.
Startup scene with invitation to help me pick the graphics for the next version of Laura.
Numerous tunes and fixes.

Version 0.3.1 Changelog: 

advanced start, for those who already played the previous versions.
the new business module, including the ability to interact with suppliers AND fully automatable business.
a few hidden hotspots. Find them all to discover something interesting :).
support for multiple languages: English, German and Spanish languages are included in the installer.

Download from:

Megaup – Transfer – Lewd (Instant Download) – Depfile