Fenoxo Fenfen – Trials in Tainted Space – Version 0.7.90 (Updated)

Updated: 13 September, 2017
Version: 0.7.90
Developer: Fenoxo Fenfen
Platform: Windows
Language: English

Size: 31 MB


Trials in Tainted Space is a free text game about exploring the universe, yourself, and its myriad inhabitants in fun and customizeable ways. Because the entire game is made in text, it’s easy to change scenes on the fly. The game is built to accommodate everything from you playing a studly ship captain to a busty space-slattern to a masculine-looking hermaphrodite to a hard-working mercenary just looking for his next job.

Changelog 0.7.90:

Ciaran has been added to the game, courtesy of UpcastDrake doing some volunteer coding and Night Trap writing the big lug.
A milking scene for Cameron has been snuck in, again courtesy of UpcastDrake for doing the coding (and Savin for writing, ofc).
Some small fixes to bugged content have been thrown in.
Fenoxo’s cat has had the “penetrating” damageflag applied to his melee weapons. ������ Somebody nerf this monster!.