Darot Games – Brothel City – September Build (Updated)

Released: 11 September, 2017
Version: September Version 2
Publisher: Darot Games
Platform: Windows
Language: English

Size: 68 MB


It is a strategy erotic game where you build your own small “entertainment complex”. You start as an owner of a small tavern on the high road between two big cities. Classic fantasy world. Knights, blacksmiths, amazons, priests, robbers, mermaids etc. Tired travelers are glad to meet a place to satisfy their needs. For a peasant it will be enough just to eat something. For a knight – food, water and a good rest for him and his battle horse. And prince will want to eat delicious food, drink old wine, and sleep in the best apartments while musicians are playing soft music.

And yes, almost all of them want some girls. Different girls. Sometimes not even a human girls (oh, those fatigued elves and faeries lovers). Notice that ALL your workers are girls. Or, better to say “females” (yeah, there are some species like centaur mares in the stables and mermaids in the lake and so on). Satisfying all their needs, travelers will pay you in gold.

So later you will find out that you have not just a small tavern, but a town with hotel, stables, farm, lake and even a temple, where beautiful Angel of Charity lives and gives everything she can to those who want without taking a coin. Oh, dear, those come-at-able angel girls…


* First of all, we’ve done a great and hard job working under implementation of a true campaign mode. Actually, what we named a “Campaign” before was a tutorial. That is why now you can find a Tutorial AND a Campaign modes. Though it looks very short for now, the further work under campaign will be done much faster because now we have a working engine of dialogues and rewards.
* Second, we’ve implemented Factions feature. Some former opened features of the game are now locked with Factions requirements and some new features can be opened only having some relations level with different factions also. Note that you can not have maximum levels with every faction at the same time – so chose wisely.
* New 2 decrees lines – Bath Attendant and Souteneur.
* We’ve reworked an algorithm with big images and hope there will be no “white screen” problem anymore.
* All decrees are now only 5 EXP to issue (other costs and requirements are the same).
* Trading becomes more profitable – traders can not place orders if your main buildings (Flophouse upgrades) are of not enough levels to produce required goods.
* Trading Tent now requires Flophouse, not Inn to be constructed.
* Now you can buy drinks from the Trading tent.
* You can not sell and traders can not place buying orders for Drinks.
* Strongly improved Tip Messages system – now you’ll be told everything that you need to do.
* Some girls were too easy to be bought and we’ve increased the costs of a high-level girls.
* Peasants bonus is reduced from 1 to 0.2 percent – otherwise it is very easy to have 80 and even more Farms speed production.
* Now you need to have Temple constructed to hire Valkyries
* Now you can have maximum 2 Priestesses per Chapel/Temple.
* Now if you’ll destroy or otherwise lose a building that provides job or living places for any girl they will leave your city – no unemployed or homeless girls allowed anymore.
* Now you need to have Hotel constructed to build Vineyards.
* Now you start without any food stored “beforehand”.
* Now you can easily clear all the top-messages pressing R key.
* Now Wine Cellars consume 1 Juice AND 1 Fruit producing 2 Wines.
* Now girls have a chance to get sick not only because of bathing places lack but “cathing” some diseases from clients. The lower the client’s level is the higher the chance to become infected.
* Now Satyr is not a requirement for the first Flutist’s decree.
* Flophouses and Dining Rooms maintenance cost is reduced by 50%