Darkhound1 – Holiday Island – Version 0.0.5 Fix (Updated)

Updated: 14 October, 2017
Version: 0.0.5 Fix
Developer: Darktoz
Platform: Windows
Language: English

Size: 185 MB


You, the player (a guy) won a lottery for holidays on an Pacifc island. But is not just any island. It is full of beautiful girls.
You can play the game’s intro story to learn all about it.​

Version 0.0.5 Changelog: 

Intro, girl selection and player build:
basic story of the game with a lot of text and some pictures
girl breast size preference selection (3 sizes)
girl figure preference selection (4 figure types, 2 choices)
girl height preference selection (3 heights)
amazon girl selection (yes/no)
melon sized breasts selection (yes/no)
possibility to hand pick two prefered girls from a list of 14 girls
the intro has been improved with a lot of added content – there is a sexy scene on the plain now when you fly to the island
guy main stats can be selected as well (endurance, looks, strength, charm, hacking/lock picking)
Game content (number of images, locations, etc.)
You can play a full strip poker game now with some of the girls (more to come…). The poker game can be accessed from the night bar. Click the girl and the location specific actions
650+ images with game content + animations
200+ images for the user interface
9 videos
8 locations to visit (beach, pool, massage, hotel reception, workout, doctor, night bar, player room, restaurant)
most of the locations have some possibilities for interaction with one or more girls
3 different swimwear styles for each girl
3 different evening style clothes for all girls
each girl can be the receptionist and can have up to two additional jobs on the island (doctor, masseuse, room service)
you can talk to the girls now about different topics – depending on the girl’s preferences they will like it or not changing some attributes in the process
A schedule for the day is created for each girl at 07:00. Unfortunately this is very slow right now (about 5 seconds on my pc). I don’t know how to make it any faster at the monent without losing functionality.
there are 7 different daytimes (morning, before noon, noon, afternoon, evening, late evening, night) with 48 action points per day in total (2 AP per game hour)
a lot of work went into the interface
there are buttons now for load, save, options and main menu
you can visit all the nine locations by clicking on the button – each one has a mouse over tooltip as well
some basic stats for the player have been added – they are shown on the left of the screen
daytime and day are shown on the top left of the screen (the outside locations will change depending on time of day)
negative effects are shown. They are added and removed with some functionality, but still do nothing at all.
you have a mobile phone now to display the characters and the inventory – the phone icon has been moved to the left of the screen now
you can do smalltalk with the girls and also talk about other topics with them (like phone number, breast size, etc.)
smart watch has been added
Some interactions will check and change player and/or character stats (like strength, lust, affection, .. more to come)
A hint for the first quest is given (no further implementation yet)
Girls and the player are a class now with different stats and attributes
Some locations are closed at certain times
Each monday a new girl may be added to the island population
A lot of chat and rumors have been added. You can listen to that in the restaurant.
You can train strength and endurance. You need to do it several times a week for some weeks to have an effect (increase in stats strength/endurance)
Besides the player actions, the game now has random events and appointments. There are also actions started by the girl.
Know inconsistencies or problems and some hints:
The game has more than 10.000 lines of code now 🙂
Not all the girls have all the interactions
most of the action buttons that do nothing should be hidden now when they cannot be used. I probably did not catch them all 😉
If you want to have an easier time with Amy, do not chose the huge breast size option or the voluptuous figure option. You will get Aly on the plane instead of Amy if you do so.
If you select small breasts and slim + average figure, you will get Brenda on the plane and not Amy.
Stay in your room early in the morning, advance time and see what happens