3DFiends – Monster Chronicles 18


  1. dockimble · November 14, 2017

    Hey Guys! i have a kind of request…

    don’t know how you handle the comics (check files etc.) but maybe if possible could you add a >tag< for text/testless?

    Thanks in advance

    have a nice day!

    • Admin · November 14, 2017

      You mean like category Tag? Or you mean as extra text in the front?

      • dockimble · November 14, 2017

        Maybe it could be in the Information, like the file size and page number. I guess a Category Tag would not be to useful. But only if it is not to time consuming for the admins/uploader.


        • Admin · November 14, 2017

          I like the Idea, i will probably add it in a few days or a week. Thanks for the Suggestion.
          It will be added in the Post ofcourse not upfront like the size and Pagecount FYI.