Tinkerer – Peasant’s Quest – Version 0.33 – The Giantess (Updated)

Updated: 14 June, 2017
Version: 0.33
Publisher: Tinkerer
Platform: Windows
Language: English

Size: 439 MB


It’s an Adult RPG game set in a medieval fantasy world, where you play a farmer’s son on his quest to make a name for himself, and perhaps rescue a few damsels in distress along the way.

Version 0.33 Changelog:

The following has been fixed/changed:

– Not being able to enter the room at the tavern after loading an old savegame (from a previous version). Just ask the innkeeper to rent the room again and he’ll apologize for having forgotten to give you the key.

– “Tired” and “Exhausted” warnings only pop up the first time you reach that state.