Steamy Bathhouse (English) (30 Pages)


  1. vankaajsar · September 24, 2016

    Another wonderful piece. Thank you so much for share it.

    Would you know AKAI MATO’s work? It’s astonishing! I beg your pardon, but I dare to ask you to post – if possible – AKAI MATO’S |GIRLS FOR M| series. I’d really be grateful.

    Also, is this site on DISQUS too? If so, I’d want to join.

    • Admin · September 24, 2016

      No Problem.
      I will look for it and will upload it, dont know if today or tomorrow.
      No were not on DISQUS :p

    • Admin · September 25, 2016

      What Girls for M Series are you searching for? Theyre about 100 Comics 😀

      • vankaajsar · September 25, 2016

        My bad. I’m sorry. I think there are more than 15 vol. Wouldn’t it be sad if all they were posted ( )… But I just love those which SHINOHARA SAKURA is the main FEMDOM. There’s about 5 chapters – maybe more -, and is translated as (…) Orgasm CONTROL, I guess.

        There’s a great parody of IDOLMASTER, as well. I appreciate AKAI MATO’S work. In fact, I really like themes related to FemDom, orgasm control…

        Thanks again for your reply.

        • Admin · September 25, 2016

          Everythings fine.

          Okay i will look for them.

        • Admin · September 25, 2016

          I cant find anything from him with the name “Shinohara Sakura” neither with Orgasm Control. I Dont Know.

          • vankaajsar · September 25, 2016

            I just found out that the number of girls form does not follow a volume sequence itself; They are random. Thus, the titles where Sakura is the protagonist are chapters within these volumes:

            • I’m under her control, control, control! (Girls for M Vol.2)

            • I wanna kiss, kiss, kiss her! (Girls for M Vol.3)

            • A relationship of absolute control (Girls forM Vol. 04)

            • Sakura, Sakura, Sakura, I love you! (Girls forM Vol. 06)

            • I am not, not, not a girl! (Girls forM Vol. 07)

            • Why, why, why did I steal them?! (Girls forM Vol. 09)

            • I Just Just Just Lost (Girls forM Vol. 11)
            * I also found this named as [I just can’t, can’t, can’t win!]

            • It seems my Senpai, President and Sensei managed me (Girls for M 12)

            • Shasei Kanri no Kankei | A Relationship about Orgasm Control

            It was my mistake. I must have confused the titles. Also, thank you for your patience and goodwill.

          • Admin · September 25, 2016

            Okay will look for it tomorrow.

          • Admin · September 26, 2016


            I think 1 or 2 are missing cause i did not find them but still.

  2. vankaajsar · September 27, 2016

    That’s perfect! You are great. Thank you very much.