MrC – Corruption – Version 0.64 (Updated)

Updated: 23 September, 2017
Version: 0.64
Developer: MrC
Platform: Windows
Language: English

Size: 3.9 GB


Hi~ I am Mr.C. I’m making an adult game. Now, I’m working on a game except for my business time. If everyone has a lot of support to me, I will be able to invest more time in game production. I want you to try the public version and invest in my potential.
Unfortunately, I am not an English speaking country, so translation may be a little strange. Please understand it. (all info I could get)

Changelog 0.60:

-New Guide scene in Utopia
-Jenny changing clothes scene in her room
-Jenny slavery event scene
-Slave Jenny toilet scene

-Megan date scene
-Maria random event in church
-Mrs.Simpson date scene
-Emily date scene

-Principal new level scene
-Principal random event scene in her office
-Gym event in Monday Morning
-PE teacher new level scene and talk scene
-Gym girls dodge-ball scene

New Place: Utopia introduction scene
New computer function: Internet surfing
School job event – You can now work in school for money


  1. Ellan · June 30, 2017

    and there is the changelog :p :

    -Heather new level scene

    -Heather new added scene- Talk, Picture

    -Heather action (Kiss, Touch, Handjob, Titfuck, Blowjob) new scenes

    -Heather random event (Kitchen, Husband)

    -Heather new action – Sex

    -Aunt-twins new action – Talk

    -Aunt-twins date scenes – Shopping

    -Julia new level scene

    -Julia Flirt action scene

    -Julia action – Drive dating

    -Jerk off scene in Julia’s room

    -twins new level scene

    -twins Flirt action scene

    -twins action – Play Tennis

    -Aunt Peek scene

    -twins Peek scene

    -bar hostess action scene – (drink, flirt)

    -bar event scene with Lucy

    -New location- (C-store, Bar)

    -Remodeling adult shop