Logan – The Dark Lord’s Trip – Version 10-07-2017

Updated: 10 July, 2017
Censorship: No
Version: 10-07-2017
Developer / Publisher: Logan
Platform: Windows
Language: English

Size: 405 MB (Windows) 406 MB (Mac)


So this game is heavily inspired by Akabur’s work and is built in RPG Maker (unsure which version).
The game is in very early development (this is first release) and he’s actually got a price point that I could get behind if I like the game enough I just might after settling some stuff. And there is just Rapunzel flashing you cause it’s clearly very early. I kinda think it’s more of a game to watch than anything as this is less than a month old.


Added 11 quests:
Mavis – “Mavis meeting humans”, “A new friend for Mavis”;
Woodsman’s daughter – “Possessed doll”;
Woodsman – “Woodsman’s job”;
Gossiping bitch – “A Diary for a gossiping bitch”;
Krandus, retired warrior – “Daisy’s Father”;
Kord, bounty hunter’s leader – “Bring in an ex-thief”, “Find Pope”, “Eradicate criminal’s hideout”, “Silent the Snake”;
Roth, thieves camp leader – “Hidden sides”.

Other stuff:
– Robber Axeman drawn;
– Mavis in robe;
– Credits renewed.

– Bounty Hunter’s HQ: Bounty Hunter on the left doesn’t dissapears anymore after interaction with him;
– Crystal mine, Underground river: Lola won’t talk with you if you don’t have her in the team;
– Test Room – Statues Puzzle: Slave trader and Warlord statues won’t move from it’s spots anymore, after you pull the reset lever;
– Interaction with Lola: Right click during “Give her something” options sends you back into interaction choices, instead of giving Lola chocolade;
– If you go back from Alwin’s Tasks options, “I need Crystal” option will not appear again if you already got it;
– Fixed bug that allowed you to get down from the cliff at the cemetery;
– Fixed compas pointing at Marlin’s mission;
– Fixed text that had been blocked by dialogue busts (the one I discovered, anyway);
– Getting of Alwin’s password is more obvious.

– Fixed a bug where you entering Lola’s Quipment window instead of Hades’es;
– Night ambient sounds and music are now plays at every non-house localion;
– Cemetery: The bridge is not blocking the path now if you teleported somewhere after crossing it.

https://filejoker.net/i74emq1xbn30 (Windows)

https://filejoker.net/2zafmlp30v6r (Mac)