Keepin’ It In The Family V2

Update Date: 2 May, 2016
Censorship: None
Version: 0.2
Developer / Publisher: Greebo
Game Language: English

Size: 388 MB







Keepin’ It In The Family is an adult role-play game that runs on the RPGMaker engine, with custom 3D sex scenes and a storyline to piece them all together. I first started working on the game a couple of months ago, but that is also when I first started using any kind of 3D software, and RPGmaker. Since then I feel as though I have improved and developed the skills to bring you a game, hence why I am creating this post! I first started playing 3D adult styled games when I discovered the website Lesson of Passion, and I have always wondered how they created their games, thus I started this journey.


– Head Mistress
– Sister
– Shop Neighbor
– Prostitute (Animation)
– Updated first 2 scenes (Alyssa at school now includes animation)

– Changed the visuals for multiple locations
– Cars are now improved and move around smoother, and turn corners!
– You can now use your mouse to move around in the game
– Settings, where you can set your character to sprint all of the time

– Head Mistress’ House
– Outskirts
– Updated weapon store interior
– New & Improved replay room

– Neighbor
– Nurse
– Head Mistress
– Clothing Lady’s Neighbor
– Preview of Aunt & Cousin
– Prostitute

How To Play:

1- Extract to desired location.
2- Click on Game.exe to start playing.