Erodraw – Harem Villa – Version 0.5 Beta 5 (Updated)

Updated: 6 September, 2017
Version: 0.5 Beta 5
Publisher: Erodraw
Platform: Windows
Language: English

Size: 259 MB


The scenario:
You are starting College and your mother is newly director of a Villa just next to this College. Your job is to offer to College girls a chamber and make them taking good time in there :p
You’re jumping maps to maps, meets people, sometime randomly, create a relation and some time unlock scenes depending of their desire score and your basic Persuasion
You need to persuade girls to join your Villa and get rent.

Cheat Code:

Get 250$: f6d5r8t7
Get 400$: fg4d6s4f
Get 20$ more per day: f7s8q9e6
Increase your income by 50%: Iloveeroniverse
Works only once.​