Amaraine – Lucretias Legacy 0.0.4 (Updated)

Updated: 12 September, 2017
Version: 0.0.4
Publisher: Amaraine
Platform: Windows/Mac
Language: English

Size: 131 MB


Muggers no longer automatically attack you at the bridge, although that’s the most likely place to find them. They now do randomly attack you when heading to any destination.
Muggers give less experience than they used to, but they are still a good source for that.
Tweaked (lowered) the amount of influence sex and biting cause when you already have a great deal of influence with a girl.
Added “Extreme” class of activities, which become available when you have a great deal of influence, and provide relatively large boosts. These vary for each girl, but usually involve getting her to do something she wouldn’t have done with anyone before you met her.

Changelog 0.0.4:

Added dancing, sex, and a path to making Veronica more submissive.
Added more punishment and sex scenes for Desiree, including an anal scene.
Added dancing, sex, and humiliation scenes for Flora, including an anal scene.
It is possible to add Veronica, Desiree, and Flora to your harem as slaves.
Added scenes involving new outfits for Flora and Veronica.
Added a scene involving interaction between Flora and Veronica.