3DZEN – Sonya Emerald – Talisman (104 Pages)

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Sonya had, at long last, found the Emerald Talisman, one of three ancient warding artifacts, which, when brought together, would protect the wearer from the dark magic plaguing the Sanguine realm.

Unlike the magical creatures of her homeland, Sonya has no such protection against such powers, leaving her vulnerable to the evil unbound to the laws of reality.

Luckily for her, the only thing standing between Sonya and her emerald prize were much simpler foes; mere swamp goblins, their simple minds easily entranced by its enticing green glow.

If Sonya can dispatch these minions and grab the amulet, then she will be one step closer to becoming the champion of her tribe, to rightfully reclaim their ancestral lands and perhaps, lead her people to a glorious new dawn!